What is the Drivers Union?
The Drivers Union is a Club specifically for Supercar Owners in the UK. We organise meets & events throughout the year.

How much does it cost to join the Drivers Union?
There is no joining fee or membership fee. It's FREE

What is the eligibility criteria?
As long as you own any of the following cars, you are eligible to join?

Bugatti (all models)
Ferrari (all models)
Ford GT/GT40
Jaguar XJ220
Koenigsegg (all models)
Lamborghini (all models)
McLaren (all models)
Pagani (all models)
Porsche 959/Carrera GT/918
TVR Sagaris

I'd like to join but don't own any of the listed cars
We will be adding cars to the list as time goes by, so keep checking. However, we do sometimes invite owners with interesting cars.

If I give you my details, will you pass them on to a third party?
No. Although sometimes when you apply to attend an event we may forward your name, email and car details. We will let you know when this happens.

What is a Scud Run?
The Scud Run is when 5 or more Ferrari's & Lamborghini's do a run together. It was named after a run we did for a member who had taken delivery of a 430 Scuderia.

What happens if I sell my Supercar after I become a member?
The Drivers Union is a family. Once you are in you are stuck with us regardless of the car that you have. You will also still receive the newsletter. However, you may not be able to attend some events as parking priority is given to Supercar owning members.