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I've always said that if you want to see the limit of your supercar, then the North Weald Activity Day is the safest and cheapest way to do it.

There were only three DU members attending on the day with the rest of the owners members of the Lotus group, SELOC. Myself in a Ferrari 360 Spider, Anthony in a Porsche GT4 and BJ who brought along his Lotus Exige. The driving activity takes place on a large area adjacent to the North Weald runway. First up was the fast left hand turn where cars sprint up a short straight and do a hard left, trying to avoid an imaginery brick wall. Corner too fast and you will end up spinning. The purpose being to see the cornering limit of your car. In my 348, I could do it at 75mph without spinning, however in the 360 I was at 75mph and ended up spinning and stalling the engine.

For the second activity, an oval circuit with a chicane was created using traffic cones. The third activity was the most fun and involved two cars on the circuit at the same time. Starting at opposite points on the circuit, the two cars had 3 laps to get as close as possible to the car in front.

Unfortunatly, my 360CS exhaust proved a little too loud so I ended up driving the Exige. Apart from the awkward entry and exit from the vehicle, I found it much more fun to drive. Where the 360 felt heavy and unweildy, the Exige was controlled and a lot more fun. So much so that I checked the price of them on Autotrader when I got home.

The activity day cost £50 per car for the day.

Full details and bookings can be done here: https://www.awdrivertraining.co.uk/