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The Drivers Union is a Community of Supercar Owners based in the UK who regularly meet up at events and meets around the country.

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The Drivers Union is an exclusive club for Supercar owners based in the UK with membership restricted to owners of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, McLarens and certain models from other Marquees.

With over 360 members and growing, the Club's objective is to create an environment where Owners can meet, socialise and drive with other enthusiasts. Events have included Dealer visits, coffee mornings, private dining events and special access to prestigious events.

Membership for Owners of eligible cars is FREE.

sy1The Club was created and is run by Syeed Ali who has been organising Supercar events since 2005. He is also the creator of Europes biggest Ferrari forum Club Scuderia as well as the original Scudrunners Supercar club. He currently drives a Ferrari 360 Spider and is filming a series about Ferrari for Amazon Prime TV..

If you are interested in joining, please complete the application form




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