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The Drivers Union is a Community of Supercar Owners based in the UK who regularly meet up at events and meets around the country.

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It was all a bit last minute. I wasn't originally planning for the Club to visit the Festival Italia but after receiving an invite, how could I refuse. Especially as the Team at Brands Hatch always look after us.

So on Sunday morning I found myself trackside and setting up the Club banner. We were given a great location just by the track. Unfortunatly a few members were late as car display entry was until 10am. One member was refused access but some managed to charm their way inside, but had to park elsewhere.


Our Club stand:
A few days earlier we were given the opportunity to do some parade laps just after lunch. Surprisingly, we were the only Club invited to do so (thanks again Brands Hatch!!) and we all decamped and made out way trackside. The lead car was a 430 Scuderia, driven by Ben Barkaway from Barkaways.


There was no overtaking allowed and the speed was limited to 30mph, which everyone observed (coff coff), especially on the straights!! :-D


Making our way back from the track:


At lunch time the Spectators were allowed to walk on the track:


And a few pics of other cars on display.


Many thanks to everyone that came. We'll have a bigger stand next year!

Syeed Ali (Founder)

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