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A club with a difference

A club with a difference

"It's not just your ordinary car's a family"

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Founded in 2012, the Drivers Union is an exclusive supercar owners club with membership restricted to owners of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and selected models from other supercar marques.

With a large and growing membership, the Club’s objective is to create a lifestyle environment where owners can meet, socialise, network and drive with other like-minded enthusiasts. Events have included dealer visits, coffee mornings, private dining events, car launches as well as special access to prestigious automotive events.

As one member said: "It's not just your ordinary car club.... It's a family."

Writing this on my way back from Italy having flown out on Wednesdsy (no thanks to BA) following an invitation to a new car launch from Maranello Ferrari Egham.

The event was held at Universo Ferrari, a very impressive temporary structure situated alongside the Fiorano Race Track. We were there for the launch event of the F8 Tributo Spider and 812GTS.  Having owned V8 Ferrari’s for 27 years, it was great to be at the launch of this new model. I love driving my current 458 (having owned a spider and now an Italia) and as the last normally aspirated V8 it will always hold an important place in Ferrari history.

The new F8 Tributo (488 replacement) is likely to be the last Ferrari V8 powered car that is not hybrid and very much the end of the current line. For me the new Spider has to be the way to go.

The 458 has very simple and pretty lines (in some ways taking me back in time to my 1979 308 GTS) but in my opinion the 488 can’t be described as pretty with its more aggressive looks. The F8 Tributo however has amazing lines that gives it a beauty combined with aggressiveness.

The performance is impressive, 0-100KM of under 3 seconds, top speed of over 210MPH, the electronics ensure zero turbo lag and the ability to drift the car without ‘losing it’ (allegedly). The quality of finish inside and out is superb in every respect, you even have a choice of specc’ing the car with Matt or gloss carbon.

Ferrari owners can thank Mclaren for the F8, it’s no coincidence that the Tributo has 720HP. Even looks wise it’s clearly a car that has been designed to catch the attention of potential Maclaren buyers.

Yes, I want one!!!

As for the 812GTS, a magnificent car, normally aspirated and pushing out over 800HP, this is a very quick beast of a car, stunning looks, but for me, too big. It looks like it will be an amazing transcontinental grand tourer, I’ve been told that if I drove it, I’d love it, but I don’t think it’s for me.

Others cars at the event included the SF90 and the limited edition single and dual seat monza SP1 and SP2 models.

Also, great to meet Ferrari collector Milton Verret at the event, he’s selling his (very well known) unique Ferrari boat for $20M, a real personality and over from Austin, Texas.

Overall a great trip.

Mark Kieve


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