Ferrari Lancaster Colchester invited our members to a Ferrari F8 test drive day. Normally I don't usually save a space for myself at these events, but on this occasion they had a space available on the day before. Plus it had been years since I drove a new Ferrari, the last one being a 458. I still haven't had a chance to drive the 488 so can't compare it to the F8.

The drive was 45 minutes long along a pre-determined route on country lanes, which to be honest is not really the best environment to test drive a wide 720bhp automobile, especially by a city boy like myself. I tend to prefer the green stuff on a plate and preferably sauteed with a hint of garlic.

So what did I think? The drive was... uneventful. It didn't help that I was not allowed to put it in race mode.

For me a supercar comprises of three important elements. The look, the feel and the sound. The F8 is gorgeous and it's great to see the return of the 4 rear lights. It felt good too and the build quality beyound reproach for a comparitively small manufacturer. But it's the sound where it falls down a little. Perhaps I'm spoilt by my 360 (with a modified 430 exhaust) because the F8 didn't sound anywhere as good. Where in the 360 I would shift down the gears when going in a tunnel or under a bridge to amply the roar, in the F8 it's more of a meow.

Verdict: A great looking car let down by the lack of noise, but I'd still get one!


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